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Adwords Search Certification by Google

A Foundation Certificate for Digital Marketer for the Basics of Online/Internet/Digital Marketing. It mainly deals in Creating and Optimizing Search Ad Campaigns involving KeyWord related tools like KeyWord Planner, Targeting Keywords and Bidding/Budgeting Keywords.

Shopping Advertising Certification By Google

 The certification is about how to:

  • Create a Merchant Account
  • Create a Product Data Feed
  • Create & Manage a Shopping Campaign

This Certification requires Real-Time On-Job Experience of managing a shopping campaign to increase one’s chances of clearing certification.

Mobile Advertising Certification By Google

A Customised certification program for individuals or agencies who are mainly into Mobile Advertisement/Marketing.

This Course is to understand psychology of Mobile Users, Influencing them in making decisions, targeting and bidding strategies, optimizing performance and conversions.

AdWords Display Certification By Google

One of the Best Digital Marketing Online Certificate for any Marketer.  Its all-about targeting various traffic/audiences with different demographics based on Display Content (Ad) which lure them to a particular Offer/Service/Business.

Google Analytics Certification

A free of cost certificate for any individual. This Certificate go through 4 units which revolve around Data Collection, Segmenting, Processing & Re-Marketing.

It has got Two Modules:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager Certification

Using Tag Manager, One can reduce numbers of various misleading tags from the Website which are oftenly used to monitor and measure Website performance and are responsible for reducing site over-all performance.


Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook BluePrint Certification uses the Facebook fraternity of apps for Digital Marketing. These courses are free, anyone who wishes to get an official certificate from Facebook needs to pay for examination scheduling.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification

This Certificate is from Bing which again Free of Cost. This Certificate is to push your Existing Marketing Strategy beyond its Limits and Overcome Market's Google Dependency.

Youtube Video Certification

This Certificate allows one to Explore the Digital Marketing Aspects through the YouTube Videos. Its about Video Content  Creation, Monetize Content, Video Channel Growth and Content Strategy.

HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Certification

A free course for around 5 hour class which deals into SEO, blogging, nurturing & conversion of leads. This is a International Certificate which deals into various Marketing strategies

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

This is a Major Certificate for any Content Marketer. This involves Creating Efficient Contents, Promoting it and Generating Potential Leads through the Engaging Contents

Hubspot E-mail Marketing Certification

The course will empower one with skills on writing engaging E-Mails and Defining E-mail Marketing Strategy, using Analytics and Optimization.


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